Why a Speaker Shelf when Sound Bars are the “accepted” solution?

Set your 60” television (57” shown) directly on top of the speaker shelf – No Optional Mount required

A very good question! The short answer is; sound bars produce mid and high frequencies very nicely but struggle to produce meaningful bass energy. For optimum performance sound bars require the addition of outboard woofers or subwoofers to produce normal bass resulting in additional wiring contributing to the room clutter.

Soundbars must be secured to a TV mount, wall or set on top of furniture. All passive sound bars require an outboard amplifier or AV Receiver to drive the speakers in the sound bar – In other words, wires, cables & hardware requiring storage space and connectivity.

Sound Bars range in price from $30 – $3000 depending on their capabilities. Woofers vary in size and bass output and range in price from $80 – $1000. TVs mounted to the walls require “Wall Mounts” that provide large-diameter lag bolts to secure to the wall studs. These require a drill & wrench to attach to the wall studs. TV Mounts range in price from $20 – $400 depending on their capabilities.

The Planche Musique Speaker Shelf replaces all of the items pictured above.

The speaker shelf audio system provides high-definition audio for digital streaming & TV sound. A built-in 8” dual-channel stereo woofer produces thunderous bass. No separate boxes or unsightly wires needed, all wiring is internal.  The speaker shelf mounts to the wall similar to a sound bar and will actually support a 60” LED TV sitting directly on the shelf.  The shelf includes a Blue Tooth amplifier for music streaming and has a built in DAC for decoding TV sound. An optical cable is provided to connect your TV’s digital output to the amplifier.  The shelf has space to hold optional amplifiers for those not concerned with disturbing the neighbors.  The shelf will play very loud using the included amplifier, but you can swap the provided amplifier for a higher output amp.  If you are a fan of Sonos you can add a Sonos Connect Amplifier or a Sonos Connect will provide additional flexibility to the existing amplifier.

The “Idea” for a Speaker Shelf!

My aging mother needed my help, her health was declining so I moved into my sister’s old bedroom to help mom.  I knew this was temporary (3.5 years).  My old room had been converted to an office and my new room  barely had space for a dresser and bed.  I had a 21” TV that I set on top of the dresser.  TV’s this size have speakers barely larger than the speakers found in your cell phone.

I wanted better sound, but I wasn’t going to mount a 21” TV on the wall which would have meant the cost of the mount and drilling holes the diameter of my little finger which would of course meant I would have had large holes to patch when I moved.

A Sound Bar is certainly one solution, but sound bars do not produce bass, so you need a woofer or sub-woofer to produce the bass and am I going to set the sound bar on top of my already cluttered dresser?  Besides adding a woofer means connecting wires and more cords even if they are wireless like the Sonos Sub, and where does it sit when I’m already limited on floor space?

I designed the speaker shelf to accommodate virtually any make of flat panel TV up to a 60” sitting directly on top of the shelf.  The shelf is 12” deep, so it required a mount that can hold significant weight plus the weight of the shelf.  The hidden mount ships with (8) 2” long screws that secure the steel mount to the wood or steel studs in the wall.  All you need is a Philips head screwdriver to install the mount – the shelf capacity exceeds 100 lbs. (45 KG)

The speaker shelf is capable of producing clear sound from your TV, phone or tablet with great bass and outstanding clarity.  Each speaker driver was specifically designed for this application with an emphasis on maximizing clarity and minimizing distortion.  The Speaker Shelf is designed with over 40 years of audio

experience and manufactured by a top speaker builder.  It combines wide band width frequency response and efficiency and is driven by a compact amplifier.  The amplifier was selected from more than 20 different digital amps because of its form factor and ability to play loud using the Bluetooth input.  The InHabit amp has the same form factor as an Apple TV.  It’s volume up and down and mute features may in-fact be controlled by the Apple TV remote if you choose.  The shelf is also supplied with a multi-function infra-red remote that will transmit through the speaker grille cloth up to a distance of 30’.

Planche Musique translates as “music plank” employing a simple clean design that is easy to install and easy to use.  When one moves, it comes off the wall leaving eight small holes that may be patched with spackle or there’s always toothpaste like we used to fill holes in our college dorm rooms.

Jeff Harris
Chief Designer


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