Thank you for purchasing your Planche Musique Speaker Shelf. This product has been hand built using materials selected to optimize the sonic performance and strength to support your television while providing maximum musical fidelity. Your shelf is shipped with the patented maximum load “hidden” mount. As you unpack your shelf, please take a moment to read these instructions carefully to insure your shelf is mounted properly to support your television or other valuables you may choose to place on the shelf.

“IMPORTANT NOTE” Do Not Exceed 60 lbs maximum weight on the shelf. The shelf is engineered to support 60 lbs plus it’s own weight. Consult your televisions specifications to determine its weight before placing it on the shelf. Older plasma televisions can weigh in excess of the maximum weight limit allowed. Your Speaker Shelf is designed to support LCD, LED or OLED flat panel televisions that do not exceed 60 lbs.

The Hidden Mount has been shipped inserted into the shelf. Place the shelf on the floor or on a flat surface suitable to support the weight of the shelf, which is approximately 30 lbs. Remove the poly bag then remove the three grille covers.

1. They are held in place with magnets. You will notice a pull ribbon in the center of the front speaker grille. Remove the center grille first then the end grille pieces. This will reveal security hitch pins in each end. Remove the hitch pins before trying to remove the Hidden Mount. Looking at the back of the shelf you will notice a white powder coated steel bar along the back of the shelf. Remove this steel bar by pulling if from the shelf.

2. As you remove the mount from the shelf, you will begin to see four steel tubes that are the shelf supports. Remove the steel mount until the steel tubes are free of the shelf. Follow the instructions below to install the Hidden Mount onto the wall studs where you intend to mount your speaker shelf.

3. Using the stud finder and a pencil – locate the studs within the wall and mark their location with the pencil. Once the studs have been located place the Hidden Mount against the wall at the appropriate height you select. Most often a height of 30” – 40” is the proper height to mount the shelf. Using the levels supplied on the hidden mount, level the mount against the wall. Making a small pencil mark on the wall along the top edge of the mount will be helpful.

4. Two magnetic bubble levels are included with the mounting hardware.  Place them at each end of the mount on the upper edge to assist with installation.

They may be removed once the mount is secure.

5. Once the mount is secure, slide your speaker shelf onto the mount. Leave about 3” of the mount showing to run power and signal cords for the amplifier. Before placing your television on the shelf – double check that the shelf is secure, apply downward force to the shelf and listen for any sounds. If you do not hear any wood against metal sounds it is likely your shelf is secure. Do not attempt to put your entire upper body weight on the shelf it is not designed for that amount of weight.

6. The amplifier is packed into the opening in the shelf.

7. Remove the amplifier carton and speaker wires. The InHabit amplifier has a built in DAC for decoding sound from your TV. It also includes Blue Tooth for music streaming. In the amp carton you will find the remote control, the amp, 4” optical and mini coax cables, a Phoenix connector with a mini screwdriver. This amp is designed to connect to an Apple TV, but works with any optical output. If you are not using Apple TV discard the 4” optical and mini coax cables.

8.The Right channel speaker wires are Red + and Black -. The Left channel speaker wires are White + and Green -. Insert the wires into the appropriate terminals and secure with the mini screwdriver included.

9.Insert the phoenix connector with the wires secured into the amplifier. It will snap Into place and feel secure. Notice the optical input next to the speaker terminals. This will connect to your television using a Toslink type optical connecting cable. Remove the foam packing from the amplifier carton and place it face down in the shelf opening as shown. This places the amplifier at the optimum height for the IR remote to control the volume and source selection on the amp. IR will pass through the grille cloth. Once the amp function is verified slide the shelf onto the posts the final few inches till the shelf rests almost against the wall. Install the security pins and finally replace the grille covers.

10. Replace the Hitch Pin into each end of the shelf securing the shelf to the mount.

11. Replace the three grille covers.

12. You are now ready to load the shelf. I am placing a 55” OLED television onto the shelf. Place the TV on it’s supplied stand and set the television and base directly

13. Connect the Optical cable from your television into the amplifier.

If you have any questions please call customer service 1(863) 662-3324


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