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A Planche (pronounced plonsh) is a skill in gymnastics in which the body is held parallel to the ground, giving the illusion of floating. It is a move requiring both strength and balance. This stereo speaker system in a shelf is designed for strength and stability and floats parallel to the floor supported by our patented hidden mount. The Planche Musique speaker shelf will support 60 lbs, plus it’s own weight making it ideal for flat-panel televisions up to 60” in size. Planche Musique is an attractive furniture accessory with a high definition stereo speaker system intended to eliminate the clutter of a traditional TV stand and its related electronic components. Wiring is internal, eliminating the unsightly clutter we typically see.
The exclusive speakers in the system were designed using the latest materials and technology to deliver a sound that can best be described as amazing. The built-in 8” woofer provides thunderous bass combined with separate tweeters and mid-ranges for maximum clarity and detail. Planche Musique includes a high-resolution digital amplifier with an optical input for your television and Blue Tooth streaming capability for your music enjoyment. An infra-red remote is included and will control the system volume and source selection. Multiple amplifier options including Sonos will fit within the Speaker Shelf. Select “Accessories” for additional options to use with your Speaker Shelf.


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